Polyamorous Relationship Types: Everything You Need to Know

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Love isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. It means something different to every person and also feels and looks different to every individual. That is why there are different polyamorous relationship types – so every individual can find the one that best fits their personal concept of love, personality, and lifestyle.

Therefore, if you would like to know about the types of polyamorous relationship and everything about it, ride with us as we explore it. This will help you decide which type of polyamorous relationship best suits your need.

Understanding Polyamorous Relationship

To be in polyamorous relationships mean to have open romantic and sexual relationships with different people at a time.  Thus, polyamory is the act of engaging yourself in more than one intimate relationship with the approval of all the individuals involved.

Persons who are polyamorous can be bisexual, gay, lesbians, or heterosexual, and relationships between these individuals can include combinations of persons of various sexual orientations.

A lot of people compare different polyamorous relationship types to cheating or even swinging. But, the truth is, polyamory is not cheating, and they are two different types of relationships.

Just to understand the difference, cheating means that you break the rule. If your lover doesn’t consent with having other individuals in your relationship, then you are cheating.

In polyamorous relationships, every party knows about it and consents to the participation of other persons in the relationship. Although it might not seem so, there’re actual rules to be followed in polyamorous relationships as well.

On the flipside, the primary focus of swinging is mainly on having leisure intercourse with different people. In polyamorous relationships, the main focus is to build a romantic relationship and establish bonds with different people at a go.

Polyamorous and Open Relationship

Also, some people assume that polyamorous and open relationships are the same things since they are non-monogamous. However, they are quite different. An open relationship involves 2 people who agree to engage in intercourse but no romantic activities. A polyamorous relationship might involve both the intercourse and the romantic activities.

Understanding polyamory as a positive thing is really a superb way to change your perception of relationships. It will make you know that relationships don’t come in a one-size-fits-all.

polyamorous relationship typesPolyamorous Relationship Types

There are a lot of combinations that can arise in a polyamory relationship. They range from simple combinations that include only 3 individuals to complex ones that embrace group marriage with other lovers outside the marriage.

You should decide which polyamorous relationship types you want and inform all your partners. If you are looking for something casual and your partners want a long-term relationship, conflicts will arise.

In polyamorous relationships, everyone needs to agree to have multiple partners and be on the same page.

Here are some of the most common types of polyamory relationships.

V Type

One individual is usually the center of this relationship. Two people can have a romantic engagement with that central individual, but the two don’t have any relationship with each other. For instance, Amos and Anthony might date Ann but Amos and Anthony aren’t dating. They might all be involved in intercourse at a go but the central focus is Ann.


It includes 3 people being committed in a relationship with each other. They bond with one another. For instance, Amos and Anthony might date Ann. Also, Amos and Anthony might be bisexual and date each other. The three of them might be involved in a threesome intercourse.


Quad involves 4 people who engage in a romantic affair together. However, not all the members need to have a relationship with each other. For instance, Amos and Anthony might date Ann and Anastasia. Also, Ann and Anastasia might be bisexual and have a relationship, whereas Amos and Anthony are not. However, the 4 of them might be involved in a group intercourse.

Full Quad

A full quad involves 4 bisexual individuals who are in a relationship and date every member of the group. For instance, Amos and Anthony might date Ann and Anastasia. Also, the four of them might be bisexual; meaning that Amos and Anthony can date and Ann and Anastasia can date. That’s why a full quad differs from a quad.

Group Marriage

All polyamorous relationship types that involve partners who are married or committed to be with each other for life is considered a groups marriage. All these partners are classified as primaries. For instance, Amos might be married to Ann while Anthony is married to Anastasia. Then, they all agree to be in a polyamorous relationship – they can be bisexual or not.


This is a complex type of polyamorous relationship since it involves both primaries and secondaries. Members in this kind of relationship don’t need to be linked to every member of the group. For instance, a polycule relationship can have a group marriage between individuals who have other partners (secondaries) in another type of polyamorous relationship. For instance, Ann might be in a committed relationship with Amos and Anastasia. Anthony and Anastasia are married, but Anastasia has another lover on the side called Adam. This type of polyamorous relationship can be as extended as the individuals involved want it to be.

Benefits of Polyamorous Relationships  

If you do not understand how a polyamorous relationship works, it can be difficult to see all the advantages it brings. But they are thousands of benefits. These include expanding your options for intimate relationships, lessened pressure in relationships, added support, deep non-sexual friendships, keeping the love alive, inner growth, increased individuality, and many more.


Polyamorous relationships can take on various forms. Sometimes it’s two heterosexual couples exchanging spouses while other times it is a group of people who engage in intimate relationships with each other. Sometimes it can be just 2 people having a secondary lover they share. Of important, polyamorous relationship types are not the same are cheating or being in an open relationship. Here, every partner knows what the other is doing, they agree and are okay with it.

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